Marco Micceri

Beauty of Absence

something is missing here and there

for I question everything and nothing's done

For what, you ask? Because it's THERE!!!

when I felt the magic it has already gone

... and when I find my strength I see an empty place

no fibrillation left in air and space

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Regent's Canal

Reflecting upside down

heaven's above, and, down down down.

Yellow as the sun and bright as the day,

in which the patina and penumbra play

water on the side must be the ally

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Give me a mask and I'll tell you the truth

What am I to say anything here, forgive, Master

I wish for the toys of my youth,

there's nothing you can do about it later

Kill all people who can't drink mystic

Good cockroaches do not go ballistic

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Double... Look - Alike

my, my, what is that you've got there?

But, what a heck, take a hike...

and wondered aloud, "what might live in there?"

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Noah's Ark

majestic instinct reflecting from those pupils

It's stinky, bloody wet fur aflame in my nostrils

but, PLEASE, always love it.

Perchance behind the window blind

searching still seeking those of my kind.

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Arbitrary provocation by principle, now

you ugly thing, you look like a cow!

It's all about to be covered with snow

Then stick a pencil in your ear!

"A pensive trollop or menstruating bear?"

The waiter looks at me in fear.

The butter melted and beautiful music emerged

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Games of Light

It means nothing

And I think this is all very tiring

Far better than my bleeding

carving out a pernicious void

beyond the realm of hearing

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The Happening

Searching while being ready with insolence

the moon and the sun graced multiple presences.

No matter what you do, you ought to do it well

now he's drowning in the mud at the bottom of the well

you treat your garden very well!

"Thanks!" They replied "I'll rhyme orange with fish!"

...if covered just slightly with relish.

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Contours traced with devotion

Words make noise, however they will cause a nice contusion

In my brain I feel I should make an incision

Life is short, drink wine and don't be sorry,

I'm reading double, my speech is slurry and doesn't worry

And as they looked up, the stars were winking out, one at a time...

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